CoAkcess Partners dedicates 100% of its operations to process development and improvement for our clients. Client processes include management as well as operations, such as BI/BA, accounting, dashboard creation and management, claims, information intake, and many other areas.

We eliminate inefficient and ineffective processes and replace them with seamless, reliable, measurable, and cost-effective solutions. CoAkcess partners is an innovator in the delivery of global processing services from Fortune 100s to start-ups.

CoAkcess Partners uses best practices in delivering customized cross-pollination middle and back-office solutions for clients across North America and Europe. We have been eliminating the pain many organizations have accepted, as just part of their process, though highly flexible services. Our solutions are tailored to fit each client’s unique business environment while ensuring robust scalability and cost efficiency.

CoAkcess Partners bridges the gap between complex theoretical concepts and practical functional results oriented solutions. We make the complex look, feel, and operate seamlessly.

Our core competency is optimization of processes through re-engineering, enhanced automation, global resources and 24-hour utilization.

Partnering with CoAkcess Partners allows you to eliminate the pain and stress of managing your most problematic operational processes. We provide relief from managerial burdens of staffing, infrastructure, quality control, and other challenges of the environment. We bring innovative solutions to allow management to focus on its core competencies and high-value business priorities.

Executive Team

Over 60 Years of Combined Experience

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Shiv Bhupathi

Over 30 years of diversified industry and business experience in financial markets, securities, derivative products, mortgage banking, technology, hospitality, gaming, healthcare, accounting, finance, and retail. He has over 24 years of extensive experience in international operations and has two international startups under his belt.

Prior to starting CoAkcess Partners with Mr. Foerster, as Director of Litigation Consulting at a national law firm and a partner in an India Operation, Mr. Bhupathi was responsible for developing an offshore operation in India for the law firm to index and abstract litigation documents. The operation was a success and is an ongoing concern and has been for 24 years. Other experience includes, financial management and technology consulting at Drexel Burnham Lambert, Chemical

Other experience includes, financial management and technology consulting at Drexel Burnham Lambert, Chemical Bank, and Technology Solutions Company. Mr. Bhupathi attended Limestone College, South Carolina on a tennis scholarship, graduating with a B. S. in accounting, and received his MBA from Northeast Louisiana University.


Bill Foerster

Over 30 years of experience as a certified public accountant, business, and litigation consultant and international business owner. Bill Foerster is an architect of improvement.  His goal is improvement in self, in others, and in business. Change is required to achieve improvement. As a change agent, Mr. Foerster understands the issues of change and has deep experience and appreciation for readiness assessments, communication, sponsorship, change management, training, resistance, and feedback. He has extensive experience with large complex data intensive projects and managing international operations.

Prior to co-founding CoAkcess Partners with Shiv Bhupathi, Mr. Foerster was a director and executive managing director at 2 international firms and founded a national professional services firm.  His diverse industry experience helps him to think outside the box and use cross-pollination in developing solutions.

He is a lecturer on business and accounting topics to various professionals, international dignitaries, and MBA students. Mr. Foerster’s International experience includes negotiating the purchase of assets and debt restructuring in excess of $1 billion and teaching accounting and auditing for the Citizens Democracy Corps. Mr. Foerster holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in accountancy from the University of Houston.

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