CoAkcess’ unique back and middle office experience allows us to bring our scalable processes to work in most any industry. Common processes exist in all industries.  Our proven solutions and methodology allows you to increase the efficiency of your processes, reduce cost and risk, and differentiate your business through better service to your clients.

We process your information as it becomes available, during business hours, at the end of each day and throughout the nighttime hours, and deliver it throughout the 24-hour daily cycle after the process is completed and the information is reviewed, complying with specific customer requirements within tight time-frames.

Hedge Funds & Investment Advisors

Scalable back and middle office solutions for hedge funds, asset managers, and administrators.

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Increase efficiency, turnaround time, and quality of work.

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Enhance assessment of cases and preparation of complains and briefs.

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Value We Deliver

CoAkcess Partners utilizes best practices in delivering, customized cross-pollination middle and back-office co-sourcing solutions for clients across North America and Europe.