CoAkcess Partners has experience in substantial litigation processes: assessment of the case; critique of the opposition; assistance in preparing complaints and briefs; imaging, abstraction, and handling of large volumes of documents; discovery; corporate on-line research; calculation of damages; and expert testimony, settlement, and rebuttal.

Substantive Research and Analytical Support – “Attention to Detail”

We believe that the capability to perform thorough research and analysis of issues is a critical part of case preparation and results in successful resolution of disputes, and increases the chances of favorable outcomes. Such capabilities, as well as the ability to synthesize and organize the information for efficient accessibility, are time-consuming and very expensive.  We perform these tasks cost-effectively through the use of our global staff of MBAs, professional accountants, economists and others, and proprietary software.

Document Management

Document processing costs have practically made it impossible to “turn every stone” to look for that proverbial needle in the haystack. The typical document management process is carried out by paralegals who’s time is more valuable performing legal research. Our global team of professionals allows us to process litigation documents – abstracting and databasing – cost effectively allowing more of the litigation budget for legal research and lawyering.

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Value We Deliver

CoAkcess Partners utilizes best practices in delivering, customized cross-pollination middle and back-office co-sourcing solutions for clients across North America and Europe.